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Allergy treatment

These are the basics of allergy treatment:

  • Avoid exposure to allergens: It is very important, even if successfully treated, to avoid exposure to the culprit allergens as much as possible. For example, a person allergic to house dust mites and treated successfully with medications should not, to the extent of his possibilities. perform cleaning jobs in which he is exposed to house dust.
  • Readiness for the case of an allergic reaction: It is very important, especially for allergies in which a life-threatening reaction is a possibility. For example, a person allergic to honey bee venom, even if he is receiving vaccines to induce desensitization to honey bee venom, should be equipped with an automatic injection of adrenaline (EpiPen) and should know how to use it in case of a sting and a subsequent allergic reaction. Also, in such an emergency plan, an immediate call to the emergency services should be planned in order to be evacuated to the nearest emergency room.
  • Medications to prevent flare-ups: Such as corticosteroid sprays for the treatment of allergic rhinitis (nose allergy).
  • Medications to treat flare-ups: for example treatment with anti-histamine drugs for an itchy rash which is part of an allergic reaction.
  • Induction of Desensitization: using immunotherapy ("allergy vaccines" or "allergy shots"). Immunotherapy has been successfully used for several decades to treat allergies due to inhaled allergens. This treatment "teaches" the immune system not to respond to the culprit inhaled allergens. In recent years, significant experience and impressive results have accumulated for oral immunotherapy to induce desensitization to food allergies. This treatment is available in a few medical centers in the world, including Israel.