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Drugs during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very important consideration when selecting drugs, not to cause damage to the developing fetus.

There are various medications prescribed in several categories: some have been demonstrated to be safe during pregnancy and others have not shown evidence of fetal damage but have neither demonstrated complete safety. In these cases, the decision of the physician is derived from the balance between benefit against risk.

In the anti-histamine category, the following drugs may be safely used in pregnancy:
Chlorpheniramine, sold as Ahiston.
Loratadine, sold as Loratadine, Lorastin, Allergyx.
Cetirizine, sold as Zyllergy, Histazine.
As per the physician's judgment inhaled corticosteroids for asthma and allergic rhinitis corticosteroid spray may be used. Most of the experience accumulated to date indicates that these treatments are safe.

About systemic corticosteroids (oral, intramuscular injection or intravenous), the decision of using them follows the medical judgment of benefit against risk.

Immunotherapy is not started during pregnancy but a woman undergoing an immunotherapy treatment that becomes pregnant may continue with the treatment.