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Mosquito Allergy

Allergy to mosquito bites is a very common problem. This allergy often causes uneasy sleeping and discomfort while in our daily activities. There are also cases of exaggerated reactions including extraordinary swelling so great that it distorts the normal anatomy of the person. These cases often come to medical treatment and a lot of times are misdiagnosed and treated as skin infection (cellulitis) with antibiotics.

Once the doctor is convinced that the patient suffers from mosquito allergy, the recommended measures are:

  • Installation of window nets against mosquito at home.
  • Changing some habits of family members, like closing doors immediately after opening, avoidance of window opening before dawn and again closing windows one hour before the sunset.
  • Before sleeping a mosquito search and elimination of the mosquito that are found..
  • Use of air conditioning at low temperatures, which makes it difficult to mosquitos to be active.
  • Avoidance of exposure to the outside at mosquito peak hours (sunset to dawn) without appropriate clothing covering as much as possible skin.
  • Consider using mosquito repellent.


In addition, the doctor may recommend a prescription kit for dealing with a reaction. Keep in mind that early treatment significantly reduces the intensity of the reaction. After a mosquito bite, the treatment kit may include:

  • Anti-histaminic drugs.
  • Corticosteroids.

This treatment is usually given immediately after the bite and for three days and may prevent unnecessary medical consultation, unwarranted antibiotics and the unpleasantness resulting from the allergic reaction.