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Frequently asked questions

How long should I avoid taking allergy medications before skin tests?

Prick  testing requires avoiding taking certain medications:

Anti-histamines: most drugs in this category (LORASTINE, ALLERGYX, ZYLLERGY, AERIUS, TELFAST) require a one week break. Those taking AHISTON need only a three days break. Please note that some over-the-counter medications contain antihistamines among other things, mainly drugs for cold symptoms.

Corticosteroids: a short treatment of up to one week does not interfere with tests.

If the patient is taking other medications please consult with the doctor about their possible impact on the test.




Are pets with less hair or no hair less allergenic?

The cause of allergy to pets is allergy to their shed skin cells, and saliva and urine proteins. Therefore, a pet with less hair or no hair will not be less allergenic than the same animal with hair.