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Complications of nose allergy

Nose allergy (allergic rhinitis) causes obvious interference with our daily function and affects our performance.

But beyond that, untreated allergic rhinitis may lead to the development of health problems and negative aesthetic effects, among them:

  • Development of nasal polyps having to undergo surgery.
  • Children may suffer irreversible facial structural changes (adenoid face).
  • Discoloration and texture changes in the skin around the nose and eyes.
  • Recurrent paranasal sinus infections.
  • Eye infections.
  • Hearing loss and ear itching.
  • Throat irritation and chronic cough.
  • Development of asthma or worsening of existing asthma.
  • Impaired ability to rest, decreased sleep quality, snoring.
  • Poor concentration during the day (which in children can lead to poor school performance and impaired achievements).
  • A decrease in alertness (which increases the risk of traffic accidents).